Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cresting over my shoulder

My office hour is about to start.  We'll see if anyone comes today, or if I get this post finished today.


We've had a good summer and fall, puke-wise.  The Maestro traditionally goes on a food-strike whenever he gets a cold, because the mucus ends up in his stomach, and anything else that goes in makes him throw up.  I blame Riley's genes for this.  I think that not eating wheat has helped him.  He's only had one cold since the spring, that I remember, and he didn't throw up with it.


Hildr has a cold right now.  Tuesday night, she wouldn't eat any dinner, and just wanted to lay with her head on my shoulder.   About 1:30 in the morning, I was laying in bed, listening to her softly gagging in the other room.  I wasn't worried, because she has always insisted on sleeping on her stomach, much to the horror of pediatricians everywhere.   (Riley is now upset that I have shared this with the world.)  Soon, however, she fully woke up and started to cry.   I didn't think that she would go back to sleep without some soymilk, because she didn't eat any dinner; and low-blood sugar does that to my kids.  Riley blames my genes for this.   So I got up, helped her drain a sippy-cup, and she fell asleep in my arms.


As I was slowly lowering her back into her crib, it happened.  Hack!  Puking down into her bed understandably woke her up, and she was upset.  It was dark, so I didn't know how much had come up, and how much was on her, or anything.   I started down the hall to the bathroom, but only made it into the hallway before round two started.  I stepped back into her bedroom, on the spot just between the hallway carpet and the area rug.   Once I was over linoleum, I just stood there as the waves of sticky soymilk vomit crested over my right shoulder and cascaded down my back and onto the floor.   Once, twice, three times a lady.


It turned out that Hildr was relatively clean, and Riley took her to bed while I cleaned everything up.  This is not among my favorite reasons to need a shower at 1:30 in the morning.


I made it back to bed to find that Hildr had developed Twitchy-leg syndrome, and wouldn't stop kicking me.  This will not do.  I started to take her back to her bed and made it almost to the door when I discovered that her stomach wasn't empty yet.  Oops.   Luckily, the dirty laundry basket was handy and she was pointed mostly away from me. 


I decided that I could sleep better on the couch.
I also haven't been able to do much baking this week.  Good news that my first job application will hopefully go out tomorrow afternoon.

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