Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hildr's Chewy Morning Waffles

Yesterday I got to take Hildr in for her 15 month check-up, and they gave her three shots. She was very sad about this, as you might imagine, but we made it through without the kicking and fighting that the Maestro would have done. Like him, however, she had to pull off the bandages immediately after the nurse left. She didn’t stop whimpering until she had them off and thrown in the trash. I think throwing them away was cathartic.

She was pretty cheerful all day, but didn’t sleep well. She woke up early this morning with a low fever and wanted to lay in bed with us. She has been doing this a lot lately. Whoever gets her out of her crib is instructed firmly to take her back to bed, and if one of us gets up before she is ready, she lets us know that we aren’t dismissed yet. She likes to roll around meowing like a cat, and hide under the blankets.

Because she woke up early, I got to make waffles. Hildegard gave us some waffles the other day, and Riley realized that she likes her waffles more chewy than I had been making them. I started out using a 2:1 Jowar:Cornstarch. Then I switched to 3:1 Jowar:Potato starch and dropped to half the Xanthan Gum, which made them more crispy, and got rid of the corn flavour the Riley didn’t like. To make them more chewy, I thought I could finally try the jowar/Tapioca mix I’d wanted to investigate. I started with 2:1 and they turned out great. Riley thinks that this is just how she likes her waffles, for now anyway…

Hildr’s Chewy Morning Waffles

2 eggs (separated)
¼ cup corn oil
1 ½ cup milk
2 T sugar
½ t salt
1 ¾ cup sorghum/starch mix*
4 t baking powder
1 t Xanthan gum

* 2:1 Jowar (Sorghum flour)/Tapioca Starch

Oh, one other note. I think our waffle baker is dying after about ten years of service. I think that might have something to do with how long they take to cook. I reduced the soy milk to 1 ½ cups from 1 ¾ cups in previous versions. I think this helps compensate.

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