Friday, April 03, 2009

A Loooooong Hiatus

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. And by a while, I mean almost a year and a half. A lot has changed in that time, including what we eat.

We have a few new recipes for baked goods, which was really the big challenge initially that started this whole thing off. We don't have a LOT of new recipes for baking, since I figured out how to convert almost any wheat flour recipe into GF on the fly. I haven't seen much point in posting those, since they come straight out of the Purity cookbook or Betty Crocker.

The biggest change in baking is the total absence of sorghum flour. About a year ago I spent several months trying to get back-ordered sorghum flour, to no success. There was this world-wide food shortage thing going on, and I suspect that most of the sorghum ended up being fed to cows instead of to me. We switched to Millet instead, and have enjoyed that as well, if not better.

My standard flour mix now is 1 measure each of brown rice flour, millet flour and tapioca starch. I added the brown rice flour since it has pretty good nutrition, and I can get it pretty cheaply. The reason I can get it pretty cheaply is that I now have a grain mill, which I love. I will have to tell you about it in another post. It has been almost everything I had wanted it to be.

Where does this blog go from here? I felt like I had reached the apotheosis of GF baking when I read the regular brownie recipe right out of the cookbook and converted it to GF as I went along. Riley thinks we should start posting some of our dinner menu, especially since I am now eating low sodium. I'm hoping to post a new dinner idea about once a week, so stay tuned.