Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I feel like I have been neglecting this space. I'm currently prepping for a round of Job interviews, and haven't had much time for experimental baking, and less still for blogging about it. I still read plenty of blogs, including chemical blogs, and recently came accross something interesting.

In addition to this Gluten-Free baking blog, I am part of the chemical blog world. Recently, Eximer at Carbon-Based Curiosities linked to a post about skunky beer by Khymos who linked to a post by Harold McGee. Skunkiness arises from a photochemical reaction, which I already knew, courtesy of a seminar on campus a couple of years ago. Then, the big news sunk in. What?! Not that Harold McGee, surely! Actually, it is that Harold McGee, and he does indeed have a blog.

I just thought you should know.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Travel Food and Eating Out Gluten Free

As some of you know, this year I am applying for academic job positions, and have recently been offered an inteview at THE ONE JOB at Home Town University (HTU).  I have started arranging travel plans and the issue of eating out has come up.  I know I (or someone at HTU) can call ahead to a restaurant to discuss the GF issue, and I have a list of local restaurants from the local Celiac Association.  I have a few questions that I would like your input on, as more seasoned GF travellers.
I know that Thai food is often safe, and mentioned that to my host.  She seems to be extrapolating from there.  Is Indian as safe as Thai?  I am sure they have more wheat is India than in Thailand.  She seems interested in Vietnamese.  Have any of you eaten Vietnamese?  Are there any other types of cuisine I could recommend? 
When you eat at an American place, you want to avoid pre-marinated meats.  Are there any types of dishes that you feel safer ordering than others?
What do you like to eat for Breakfast when you have to go out?  The only thing I have thought of is Hash Browns and Bacon.  Sausage isn't generally trustworthy, I think.
Last time I travelled, I was flying to my parents house for a visit, so I brought my own food, and made some while I was there.  This time, I am being hosted and will be eating out almost exclusively for several days.  I would love any suggestions.