Friday, August 04, 2006

Potato Starch II

I had time recently to do a couple of more potato starch experiments. The first was a batch of banana-chocolate chip muffins. Unfortunately, I added too much banana, and it was useless as a data point. They were pretty good banana bread pudding though, with a little soy milk on them.

This morning I made some pancakes using 2:2/3 mix Jowar:potato starch. The result was similar to the first muffin experiment. They were chewier, and the flavour was slightly different. Riley said that she liked the flavour better than tasting like cornstarch. One thing I noticed this time was that they didn’t brown as quickly. The may explain the crust on the muffins. If the cook longer before they “look done” they would be crustier, wouldn’t they? The crust may be a function of being more chewy, but it may be a baking/frying process issue. I’ll let you know if I resolve that.

The next question, now that I feel like I have repeatable results, is to see if the texture changes are due to potato vs. corn starch, or a results are due to 1 equivalent vs. 2/3 equivalents.

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