Friday, August 11, 2006

3:1, not 2:0.66

I did the math finally. 2:0.66 is the same as 3:1. I guess I just like to make things more complicated.

Another entry in the potato starch data set. We made pancakes this morning, for the second time. I thought they were too flat last time, so I added another tsp of baking powder, for a total of 3. It solved the problem, but tasted a little bitter. Not too bad though. I’m a little over-analytical on flavor issues. It makes me wonder, though, if I need more starch in the mix.

I think it’s time to do the experiment of using 2:1 Jowar/potato starch, to see if they end up lighter. To compare apples to apples, I need to see how they turn out that way. I think that pancakes are a good model system. They are thin enough that texture and issues of “light” and “heavy” have a greater effect, proportionally, than in muffins. Controlling the variables is harder with waffles, because I can’t really watch them bake. Changes in flavour will be harder to observe in Brownies. So Pancakes seem like they have the lowest signal-to-noise ratio.

The only problem is that the Maestro doesn’t really like pancakes. I had a big stack of pancakes, and he chose to eat the last frozen waffle for breakfast.

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