Monday, August 28, 2006

Potato Problems

I haven't posted here for a while, in part because I am having trouble with potato starch, and I usually like to have something definite before I post. I have "Food Chemistry" by Belitz and Grosch right now. It's not really a Food Science book; it's a Food Chemistry book, so aptly named, I guess.
Anyway, here are some facts about starch that I am trying to put in some usable context. The book is due tomorrow…

Size (um) Swelling (95) Gel Temp (C). %amylose
Wheat 2-38 21 53-65 26-31
Corn 5-25 24 62-70 28
Sorghum 4-24 22 69-75 21-34
Potato 15-100 n/a 58-66 23
Tapioca 5-35 n/a 52-64 17

Wheat Potato
Start of Gel 56.5 60
End of Gel 62 68
Swell (80) (%) 7.15 62.30
Water binding (%) 89.1 102.00

I have a few thoughts about these numbers, but I have some more thinking to do before I try to draw any conclusions.

I am also considering moving over to blogger. The problem is moving, leaving, or ignoring the archives…

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