Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some links I missed yesterday

There were a couple of links I wanted to pass on. 
Karen has a website that seems like a perfect corellary to mine.  I tend to focus on how to bake gluten free, though I have lately strayed to a more scientific discussion.  Karen writes about what to eat when you aren't baking.  Gluten Free Food Reviews takes all the guesswork out of the GF aisle.  Take a look.
A different Karen, Karen Morgan, has a dessert fetish.  Any dessert you want will eventually pop up at  The Art of Gluten Free Cooking.  She earns my love with her frequent inclusion of sorghum flour, and the artwork.
The abstract writing yesterday went smoothly after my lab-mate pointed out that my committee isn't really going to read it anyway.  As of yesterday I had 90 pages, and over 24,000 words.  Final edit today!

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