Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things I've found

After a bit of a blogging hiatus, I am back. I have been following everyone else's posts, and have a few gems that I want to point out, for anyone who missed them.

The prize from the last month has to go to Shauna for her Artisan Bread. Bread is the GF Holy Grail, and this is a wonderful entry. The Maestro didn't like it, but he is four. I think this bread is the sort of thing you could give as a gift. As someone in the comments noted, it is salty, but it gives it that "soft Pretzel" aura.

Shauna also has some Muffins that I appreciated, as they are similar to those I make. Shauna appears to have fallen in love with sorghum flour also, and I appreciate having an ally. This is a good recipe to try out to see how the ratio of starch and brown vs. white rice flour changes things.

Aside from an over reliance on baking mixes that I can't afford (I still need a post on that topic), Karina has some great Baking Tips that even experienced bakers should look at.

I did merit a Shout out at Simply Recipes, though only a brief one.

A post I always appreciate is the semi-Weekly roundup by Gluten Free by the Bay. It is great for helping you find a great recipe you might have missed.

I have a bit of backlog of recipes to post. Coming soon, Birthday cupcakes, Coffee Cake, and our special Christmas Breakfast...

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