Thursday, July 06, 2006

Welcome Home

We just got back from an almost two week trip to my family of origin. It was a good trip, but exhuasting. On the outskirts of Elwood City there are a number of cornfields that non-locals have trouble appreciating the aesthetic of. I was driving last night through them, with the windows down, reveling in the cool night breeze. I was listening to Taj Mahal play a Lullaby in A-Major on the Banjo. It's good to be home.

Of course, not everyone feels that way. The Maestro has started waking up screaming several times a night, and keeps telling me he wants to go back to Nana's house. I keep hoping that he will settle down into a peaceful routine agian. He has always had trouble with change and new situations, and I think he is pretty stressed out from two weeks of not-home. Can a three-year-old get an ulser?

Hildr is happy wherever she is, if her Mom is nearby, anyway. She is especially happy now that her cousins have shown her what a grown-up girl can do. The days of feeding my baby small bites of things, to minimize the mess, are over. She wants the whole muffin now.

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