Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GF Day

Today is the one year anniversary of the Maestro's blood test for Celiac Disease.  One year ago today, we fed him purposely fed him gluten for the last time, before taking him in for the test.  It later turned out to be negative, which gives us hope that someday he can have gluten again, but no time soon.
The reason for all of this is something called Sensory Integration Disfunction.  I've talked about this before here and here, and I won't go into it again today.  Sometimes I have felt like going Gluten and Casein free has completely "cured" him, but this past weekend seems to show otherwise.  Having me gone for a week and a half, then coming home, his pre-school teacher missing two days last week so that he had to combine with a class of strangers, the missed sleep arising from the switch to Daylight Savings Time, these things are possible factors that led to the Maestro having a TERRIBLE weekend.  Whatever it was, it wasn't pretty.  Biting, yelling, shoving, it was a real mess.  He hasn't been eating anything new that we know about.  I asked him if he had been sharing food at school and he told me that whenever anyone offers him food, he tells them that he doesn't eat wheat.
I started this blog as a vehicle to help myself figure out how to bake.  I think I have done that now.  What is this blog for, now?  How many people who read this come here looking for recipes?  Not too many, I think.  When my family loses my muffin recipe they come back to find it again, but other than that, you can find recipes for gluten free Rissoto easier on other gluten free foodie blogs, of which there are many.
So this is where I want to go from here.  Rather than recipes, which I'm not very good at anyway, I want to talk about processes.  I want to talk about ingredients.  I want to talk about how to bake, rather than what to bake.  What do you think?  Is that what you want to read here?  Any topics you want to read about, particularly?


  1. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I am new to blogging, food blogging in particular. I am not new to gluten-free have been for almost 5 years and still not a baker. I think I'm like you, more interested in the ingredients and how things go together. I don't really like following recipes, which makes me a bad baker. You say people don't come to your blog looking for recipes, but I did. Actually, this weekend's discovery of gluten free food blogs started with a search for a muffin recipe, and yours is the one I want to try. So, I think what I wanted all a long was what this post gives, a chemical scientific desciption of the ways these flours and starches work. And I just finally wanted someone to tell me that it was allright to use water instead of milk!!
    Thanks for your blog. I'll tell you how the muffins are.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. Its a nice switch from the usual "look at my pretty pictures" food blog. I found your blog after I read the complete archive of Shauna's. Hers I love. I am a biophysics major at Purdue so you were very close to me when you did your schooling. I love people who mix science and food, because that is what I try to do. I also have gluten intolerance. My favorite quote of yours is when you point out that most blogs say "i dont want something i can't pronounce in my food" and say, " I can pronounce X, but i still don't want it in my food." I said this exact thing awhile back after reading quotes like that on other bloggers sites. Good work, and thanks for the link to H. Mcgee's site!

  3. I also wanted to say that your in depth information about baking has given me the confidence to start playing around with my own baking. I haven't had the confidence to just start mixing random flours before now. I was glad to read about your starch experiments. Also, have you tried buckwheat pancakes? They are a staple breakfast in other countries, although not extremely similar to regular pancakes. sort of a whole-wheat taste.